DJ Oku Luukkainen feat Raptori - VEDETÄÄN YLI

Oi Beibi, what an honor!

We've managed to make a music video so insane that even Debi Gibson herself would be impressed.

Raptori are a legendary rap group in Finland who, in the 90s, were known for pushing boundaries and combining humor with political and social commentary in a way that no one in Finland had done before. For this reason, songs like "Oi Beibi" are still played regularly on Finnish radio.

So when Nopia was asked to create the music video for DJ Oku Luukkainen's next song, which featured Raptori, there was no way we could say no.

The art style for the video is the exact same style as in our game, Oku Game, the DJ Runner.
Oku wanted that the music video could somehow "fit" with the game, and that the music video would be something totally different from the typical modern live-action Finnish music video.

Our team had a great time putting this video together and getting to work with such great people.