Pegboard Nerds - Pink Cloud

Nordic Music Video Awards 2016 - Nominated for Best Post Production

Dang it! Was this fun a project or what! A music video with pixel bewbs.

PEGBOARD NERDS is the infamous ScandiRavian dj-duo with a cult following and a badass superhero brand. The band consist of Michael Parsberg and Alexander Odden who are depicted as a blue assassin squad killing the evil with HEARTS and LOVE.

Their EP Pink cloud was about to be published and for their main track they were looking for a team who know their ways around pixels ...yep, that's us! Their music and their existing branding leans very closely to retro gaming, pixel art and other such nerdy stuff.

The EP was also part of their campaign to raise funding for breast cancer research through an appropriately named charity FUCK CANCER. 

Thus the idea was formed : We made the characters venture through an 8-bit world saving them boobies! 

We discussed closely with Alexander Odden, the band's nerdnation version of Thor, of the video's visual and gamepart ideas. Alex had some cool thoughts for details and he even ended up designing and animating the evil final boss of the game levels himself! As for the whole, they trusted our vision of interpreting the song and here is the result.

Enjoy, and do remember to check on your boobies once in a while!

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