STEP Energy

STEP Energy needed to showcase their service in a modern animated video using Harjavalta power plant as a case example.

The aim was to achieve something different than a long presentation video filming steam pipes and machines. The power plant was on it's way to be built thus presenting the building in 3D made it all possible to showcase it. 

Before beginning the design, we interviewed STEP what could be their company's personality. This is important for creating the correct tone for the presentation animation. STEP's personality was determined "to be your buddy" so we ended up creating an architectural boardgame with an industrial hand which acted as the narrator. By choosing this method we wanted to emphasize STEP's brand as a co-player for their partners.

The existing CAD models helped us to be more efficient in the production, we turned the CAD data of the power plant into animatable models and were able to "open up" the insides of the estate easily to the viewer.